thinkpoint virus

  2020 21:47 06 Nov 10

Hi, i was surprised not to find any posting about this nasty and very difficult to remove this virus.
click here
today my anti virus program ended and just as i was about to update, when up popped this fake microsoft security essential. whilst i realised straight away that it was a virus/maleware, i wasn't able to do anything to get past it or rid of it. It locks everything, including system restore. thankfully i was able to get a friend to help by stopping hotfix.exe running, through finding it via the task manager-processing. then he found a program malewarebytes that removed it, but it was a bloody nightmare and took ages to be fixed. i hope someone with greater knowledge can post more about this very clever and nasty bug.

  Sea Urchin 22:30 06 Nov 10

Looks like you adopted the correct procedure - here are the removal instructions

click here

  Sea Urchin 22:34 06 Nov 10

This one is even better

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A warning - if you Google for removal instructions for ThinkPoint many of the "solutions" will land you in much greater trouble.

  2020 23:38 06 Nov 10

Thanks for your postings Sea Urchin, the links are right on the money to a fix. I'm just so glad that my nephew worked it out so well, cause i'd probably have gone thur google for a fix!

  2020 21:15 07 Nov 10

Hi Again,
i dont know how but this virus poped up on my computer again today. I deployed the same procedure as before and seems to be cleared. but how would that have happened. i had removed it and have avast running.

  Halmer 21:29 07 Nov 10

to get rid completely.

  Sea Urchin 23:50 07 Nov 10

Did you follow my second link in absolute detail - using And you will need to download Malwarebytes again from the Bleeping Computer link as your copy will most likely have been corrupted.

  Anniemol 12:31 22 Nov 10

My friend has the dreaded ThinkPoint and as much as she's tried doing stuff the virus has left her with limited things...

"I've tried a few things suggested but it sort of screws up your basics e.g. I can't even get to control panel ...i can still access the internet and my files are all there" ..

She's running Vista, please can anyone advise what the best thing she can do to get rid of it baring in mind she now has limited use of her PC!

Many thanks!!!!

  T0SH 15:22 22 Nov 10

The simplest way I have come accross to remove the ThinkPoint infection, initially using the programs own settings to disable it

click here

Incidentally Microsoft are also advising this removal method but their explanation of the method is not as clear as the above site
(if it posts properly that is)


  Anniemol 15:33 22 Nov 10

Thanks for that TOSH....

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