Thinking about Wordpress

  IClaudio 11 May 10

for a site that I have been managing for several years... I created a straightforward web site some years ago for an organisation and they have been happy with it. But I need to update News and so on on a regular basis - I would like to get them involved in updating the pages themselves.

Wordpress may be the way to go... my Host has a 1-click Install of Wordpress: should I create a test folder (mydomain/wordpress_test) and develop the Wordpress site there? And, once happy with the site, how do I replace my current site with the Wordpress version?

  IClaudio 11 May 10

Thanks fourm member, I've heard this from other people... so Wordpress maybe not the way to go. But, I would still like to experiment.

  Ansolan 12 May 10

I wouldn't move a site into Wordpress for these reasons either. Run in blog format this needs careful management and used for other formats a fair amount of experience. Neither is it always ideal for those formats. Like many popular WYSIWYGs, the belief of easy use is an illusion if you want to run a site efficiently.

You might be just as well to use a hosted CMS such as click here or click here No hassle and you can develop the site however you wish.

  ajm 16 May 10

I run a web-site for my business that was created in WordPress. When I initally wanted a web-presence I played with WordPress and could just make a reasonably OK web-site.

After hiring someone who created a wordpress template modifying the code for my requirement,the web-site looks much better now.

  IClaudio 27 May 10

... I'd like to be able to install Wordpress to a directory on the site, experiment, then make it the root directory if I get somewhere. Can this be done easily?

  Forum Editor 27 May 10

Yes, it can.

Create a sub-directory on the server, and call it anything you like.

Create your MySQL database - most good web hosts will have an automated routine for doing this.

Install Wordpress to the sub-directory.

Open your browser, and type this in the address bar:

click here

inserting your domain name and sub-directory name.

Now you can configure Wordpress, and play to your heart's content.

  IClaudio 27 May 10

Thanks FE, that's what I wanted to know!

  IClaudio 28 May 10

...then, when I'm ready to go live on the WordPress version of the site, what route do I take?

I'm working my way through the WordPress docs, but I can't find the specific method... yet!

  IClaudio 05 Sep 10

Still fiddling, and I'm happy with what I have.

How do I now point my site to the WordPress files?


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