Thinking about buying an SSD

  iqs 11:19 24 Jan 12

Hi, I'm thinking about buying as SSD. Im not to sure what make to buy and size,also how to install one correctly ,ie updating the firmware,changing the bios to achieve . Plus I've read that SSD dives suffer from bsod . Any advice and guides about SSD would be appreciated ,also any recommendations and personal experiences I've using a SSD. Thanks

  iqs 11:19 24 Jan 12

Typo Changing the bios to ahci

  KRONOS the First 11:47 24 Jan 12

SSD's are dropping in price pretty rapidly and average about £1 a GB. I have two an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB and a Crucial 300. I bought the original Vertex purely as a boot/programs drive with everything else on a Sata HDD.

I used this meathod to move all MY folders from the SSD to the larger Sata HDD.

Step1: open ‘My Computer

’ Step2: open ‘C:

Step3: open ‘Users’

Step4: open {username}

Step5: right click on ‘My Documents’

Step6: select properties

Step7: select location tab

Step8: select move button

Step9: locate the drive you want to move it to, and create a new folder called ‘My Documents’

Step10: highlight the new folder, and click select folder

It will ask if you want to move the contents to the new folder say yes and your away.

Just repeat the above steps for each folder you want to move.This way if you do by a smaller boot drive it will not get filled quickly with normal day to day files.My Steam folder,containing 84 games is also on the bigger drive which makes Re-installing Windows 7 very easy should I upgrade the mobo very easy as I just have to repair Steam and my games are up and running.

The Crucial I bought because they were having a sale and flogging perfect refurbs for £40 so keep that as a spare.

As for tweaks:SSD optimization. But just Google and there are plenty of tips out there.

Not sure what you mean by SSD's suffering from BSOD's any details?

  iqs 12:48 24 Jan 12

Thanks for the help so far,much appreciated.i was thinking of buying an ocz SSD,and went to their forum.i read threads regarding bsod ,must were addressed my updating the firmware . Not to sure how one updates the fm on a ocz SSD,do you do it before you install w7'after,or connect it as an external drive then update. Any more advice is appreciated . Thanks

  KRONOS the First 12:59 24 Jan 12

All you need to know here: OCZ toolbox.

  Input Overload 14:33 24 Jan 12

I have been thinking for some time of moving over at least for my windows install & main documents. I think its perhaps the time to research this, the OCZ drives do look most impressive.

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