things that go missing in the night

  catpike 21:41 13 Feb 03

can anyone tell me why some programes go missing from winxp pro, some mornings when i boot up programes are missing.

  Djohn 21:45 13 Feb 03

They have escaped through the windows! :o)

  lacker 21:48 13 Feb 03

Your jokes are worse than mine,and that is saying something!!!
catpike,are you talking about any particular programs.or in general.


  Djohn 21:50 13 Feb 03

catpike, sorry couldn't resist!....

I believe that in xp, if you don't use a program for a while, then it goes into hibernation, sort of, until you use it again. Regards. J.

  lacker 21:58 13 Feb 03

right click on taskbar,properties,customise,you might find your missing programs have nipped into past items.You can then set them so they are permanently shown.


  VoG™ 22:31 13 Feb 03

If you mean the items in the Notification Area (aka System Tray) then clicking on the little arrow near the clock will reveal them.

If you mean desktop icons, try looking in "Unused desktop icons" which should be on your desktop.

  cdb 23:22 13 Feb 03

is it the program or the desktop shortcut that's gone missing? I've had loads of shortcuts jut disappear (desktop clean up was never touched, before you blame it) and never found the reason why yet.

  « Ravin » 23:32 13 Feb 03

maybe its that personalised menus thing .. that hides programs that are rarely used in the start menu. go to start menu properties to disable it.

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