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Thermal paste and where to stick it.

  Dorsai 19:39 16 Jun 04

No Obscene answeres please, i can work that one out for my self.

I have bought a new heatsink and fan. I got one that is sold as a quiet type. Can't be louder than what i have already. Also got a tube of thermal Compound.

Have an AMD XP2000 cpu to use them on. The instructions on the compound kit suggest i apply it to pritty much the whole underside of the heatsink. Is this really neccissary, or are they being over cautious?

Dont i just need to make sure it covers the die in the middle of the CPU?

That way i can keep a bit left over in case i need some later...

  Muzzsjm 19:44 16 Jun 04

You can stick your thermal paste where LALALA


I generally stick a small blob on the centre of the CPU. Don't cover the whole thing it gets messy. Then when you put the heatsink/fan in place it spreads nicely.

  Djohn 19:44 16 Jun 04

Yes, just cover the centre of the underside of the heat-sink. [A little larger area than the size of the CPU to make sure of full contact.]

Spread only a small amount over the heat-sink, about the same thickness as a piece of 80 gram paper. Too much can be almost as bad as none at all. j.

  Mikè 19:50 16 Jun 04

An excellent guide click here

  Dorsai 20:05 16 Jun 04

That link went into anal (can i say that in this fourum? if not sorry) detail :-o

But it certianly answered my question. never guesed there was so much to it.

At least i know what to do with my tube of goo................

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