There's a gap in the market for Networkers...

  Simsy 11:05 13 Oct 03

browsing another thread, which was looking for help on setting up a home network, I came upon this site;

click here

Just look at how many listings there are!!

Go on, if you can do it then set yourself up!



  Chegs ® 11:09 13 Oct 03

According to the linked site,there is only 2 listings,NorthWest was one and Southern UK.

  Boluwd 12:19 13 Oct 03

Exactly...ONLY two! I think the point Simsy is making is that there IS a gap in the market and anyone with the knowledge should start up in business now!

  Simsy 13:12 13 Oct 03

If only I understood netorking!



  Chegs ® 13:25 13 Oct 03

I must learn howto read threads properly X1000!!!!! (before tea)

I got my network going via PCA helpers,since then I have created a working network in Linux,so does that mean I'm an expert? :-)

  Elrond 15:13 13 Oct 03

Although I have just posted threads concerning networking and how to cos I'm a novice with networking, I am going to be doing CCNA certification through my Computing Science Degree. So there is job hope for me yet

  vinnyo123 17:14 13 Oct 03

believe it or not home networking is very easy to set up .Most people don't need to call in pro's for this. They do it themselves.On the other hand large networks for buissnesses is always looking for well rounded network administraters,to keep there networks up and running and free of intruders and viruses.

  recap 17:20 13 Oct 03

The listings on your link Simsy are not very comprehensive as the North East/Tees Valley hasn't got any networking at all. So there hope for me yet, LOL.

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