Is there a way to find out what components........

  pac73 00:58 12 Aug 07

Are in my pc.I mean such as what type of psu have i got.Does Everest home edition tell you?

  DieSse 01:13 12 Aug 07

It won't tell you what PSU you've got. However there is usually a label on the side of the PSU that will tell you - and normally you can see that by simply taking the side cover off. (unfortunately not always though).

What exactly do you mean by what "type" of PSU?

  jeano 01:13 12 Aug 07

yes- it will tell you everything - even what the chassis is! Careful if you print a full report though it can run up to 60 pages. Best to save it as a file and then just print the pages you want.

  jeano 01:16 12 Aug 07

Sorry! perhaps it doen't specify Power Supply Umit - I ran it yesterday and was overwhelmed with what it could tell me.

  ANDY-212408 01:26 12 Aug 07

I use Belkin Advisor - lists most components and software.

  Technotiger 06:48 12 Aug 07

An even better one IMHO is SIW click here
this will tell you Everything, except PSU details.
It will even tell you all your long-lost or forgotten passwords. As far as I am aware, there is no software program that will tell you the PSU details - the only way to find these is to remove side of case, and in many cases partially remove PSU, in order to read label on PSU, quite often this is on the top of the PSU, hence the need to partially remove it.

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