Is there a value on domain appearing 4th in google

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 01:41 20 Nov 05

I have bought a buisness with a website which comes up fourth on Google.
I certainly have no intention of giving it up, but would be interested to know if (in listed forth) this has any monetory value.

  harristweed 08:28 20 Nov 05

If the business is painting ping pong balls pink, and a search on Google for 'pink ping pong balls', it comes 4th is not worth anything.

If the business is selling 'Villas in Spain' and a seach on google for 'villa spain' it comes 4th, then it might have a small value.

The domain name is only one of many factors that produce good rankings, but it is one of the more important ones.

  matto 06:41 21 Nov 05

to add to the good points above, when you think '4th' on Google, you should be thinking '4th when a customer searches for something they are looking for' - if you typing your own domain name in.... well, if they knew that already they wouldn't need Google...

The value of a specific domain name is probably marginal - unless you have something spectacular. If you notice that you receive lots of random visitors, you may have a domain that could be useful for sites looking for ANY kind of visitor. But that's unlikely too.




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