Is there a shortcut to "standby" I can use?

  Bargee 16:22 23 Jun 03

I've already created the usual shutdown shortcut on my 98SE desktop, but I can't seem to find a command line for placing my PC into Standby or Sleep mode that I can make into a desktop shortcut.

Is there one for either or both commands? If so what are they?

OK, I know I'm a lazy "person" (no swearing in the forums please!) & that I can configure my power management to go into Standby if I simply press my off button, not only am I curious, but if it can be done I'd simply like to do it.

That's all, cheers.

if you have a problem with start, turnoffcomputer, standby then you could use wizmo from

  spikeychris 16:53 23 Jun 03

There is the option of 'switch off' a remarkable prog that will do more than shutdown, it will lock the machine, restart, hibernate, standby or log off. click here and download it. You have to be aware though, if you have scripts running it will not work correctly.


  Belatucadrus 18:00 23 Jun 03

How about One touch shutdown, click here

  Bargee 19:47 24 Jun 03

Very interesting, people, & I'll probably download one of those suggestions.

BUT, I still want to know if there is a line of command within Windows 98SE that I can use to create a shortcut for Standby as in; "C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL user.exe,exitwindows" that I use to run Shutdown from a shortcut on my desktop.

I'm sure there are some who might think I'm a tad potty with this, but that's me I'm afraid.

  Belatucadrus 19:56 24 Jun 03
  Bargee 13:34 25 Jun 03

Thanks all, I'll try the last link as it seems that if none of the forum regulars know, then it may not exist. If they don't know either, then it's likely that the command doesn't exist & I'll download something from one of the other links to satisfy my lazy nature.

Again, thanks one & all.

  spikeychris 13:48 25 Jun 03

don't think there is a run line command to force windows into standy. If you do ever find one then post it here will you.


Try click here

or maybe

"C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL user.exe,standby"

  spikeychris 15:02 25 Jun 03

I dont think C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL user.exe,standby" will work.

shutdown.exe -s works on XP/NT

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