Is there a problem with freeserve dialup?

  Legolas 19:45 07 Apr 03

My friend has just phoned to say she cannot access the Internet, she gets a "cannot establish a connection" error message. She is with freeserve 56k dialup I was wondering if they are having a problem with their server. Is anyone else with freeserve having a problem or is the problem more likely to be at her end?

  aitch 19:56 07 Apr 03

Hi Legolas,
I'm using Freeserve Anytime so earlier on today (9am) I had no trouble with connections and everything was reasonanably quick for 56k. This evening it has been very erratic and has dropped the connection at least seven times. Everything is also taking a long time to load. I'm inclined to think it's Freeserve and their server. I'm running WinXP and all my defaults and connection parameters check out. It's happened a few times as well in the past and I think I might consider the Pipex Solo offer in the not too distant future.

  watchful 19:59 07 Apr 03

No trouble for me today.

  Legolas 20:01 07 Apr 03

Thanks for the replies I will give her a phone tomorrow and see if anything has changed.

  crx16 20:04 07 Apr 03

might be worth checking the number dialled.i think freeserve dial-up has more than one you can here

it used to work for me on FShometime.

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