Is there a good free idiot's website builder

  LanceAlot 10:23 17 Aug 12

I'm trying to build a friend's website using Frontpage 2003 but it's proving to be more difficult than I thought. I assumed it was more user-friendly than it actually it. I can't even get free templates which would make it a lot easier.

I need an idiot's website creator is it's possible.


  LanceAlot 09:27 18 Aug 12

I guess not then.

  LanceAlot 09:24 19 Aug 12

Thanks for that. But perhaps I'll peruse instead of loitering ;o)

  StacyR 06:23 21 Aug 12

Have you considered using Wordpress? It might help you.

Also, I don't know if that's exactly what you want, but you can try one of the DIY site builders. I know about jimd,, wix, etc.

  tiiigers 14:23 30 Aug 12

Hi guys,

i had that problem for a long while too. :-( until i found web to date 8. i really like this program. @lancealot it also offers predetermined templates.

  LanceAlot 15:36 30 Aug 12

I managed to learn a bit about Serif WebPlus Starter and have now published my simple site

Many thanks for all replies.

  LanceAlot 15:56 30 Aug 12

what happened to the n in net?

  LanceAlot 09:13 31 Aug 12
  LanceAlot 12:14 31 Aug 12

Thanks for your constructive input. I have put tags for search engines but I'm not sure how to do the label thing.

The window bars are not of the best design, looking more 'prison-like' but my friend is not easily advised. I have a much better design on our house nearer the lake which is easier on the eye.

I'll have a tinker to see if I can improve.

  Forum Editor 00:05 01 Sep 12

I agree with fourm member, this is a good start.

I suggest that you include a location map, some information about local amenities - shopping, public transport, that kind of thing.

It's also helpful to include a rental tariff.

Eventually you might add a page with some links/information about local tourist attractions - perhaps the Impala Park, the Kiboko Bay Beach Resort, boat rides,etc.

Some information about local culture and customs is a good idea, as is climate information, and anything else that will help to inform potential customers.

  LanceAlot 09:32 02 Sep 12

Once again, thanks. There's a lot for me to digest.


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