Is there anyway to upgrade windows 98 for free?

  Me&U22 15:21 20 May 07

Hello all,

i had windows 98 pc, i'm wondering if there is away to upgrade my pc for free?

any advice?

  Pamy 15:26 20 May 07

What do you mean by "i had windows 98 pc" ?

futher, what sought of upgrade are you looking for?

  Kate B 15:35 20 May 07

Er, no. Not unless you go for Linux. Which I suspect is about the only OS a PC that old would run anyway.

  Me&U22 15:39 20 May 07

Hi Pamy,

Thanks for replay, i mean if i upgrade my pc to windows 2000 or XP.

what shell i do, is there anyway to get it for free?


  skidzy 15:51 20 May 07

As been said,if your pc is that old running 98...there is probably no chance it will run xp.

  skidzy 15:52 20 May 07

and you will not get an operating system for free,unless Linux of course.

  jarani 16:29 20 May 07

Me&U22 - are you already on Win98 SE & or just on Win98 ? - I suspect that your computer will not go beyond Win98 SE - that is the best you will do - you can get Win98 SE upgrade on eBay for about £50-£70 - you will not find it now in any shops to my knowledge - Win98 SE is a good improvement on a straight Win98 - you will manage USB2 ports for instance

However, you can get an XP or Vista new computer for under &500 - it all depends what you are looking for - jarani

  jarani 16:32 20 May 07

sorry - for &500 read £500 - jarani

  Totally-braindead 16:36 20 May 07

Upgrade it for free?


  Pamy 16:37 20 May 07

Sorry Me&U22, there is know way you can upgrade for free. we all have to pay our way in this world.

  PalaeoBill 16:53 20 May 07

If you are looking for some fun on a old PC, then as Kate B suggests you could try Linux, which is free.
click here

There are a number of free Windows Emulators, WINE is pretty good.
click here

Other than that I can only repeat what the others have said. An old Windows 98 PC is unlikely to be up to running 2000 or XP, even if you could get hold of a cheap copy on ebay.

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