Is there anyway to increase the size of a .JPEG?

  Triprajul 18:55 03 Aug 10


Recently, my wife received some photos via email. They were all taken by mobile phones. I placed some of them on a flash memory stick and brought them to a photo shop to have them printed up as actual photographs. However, the self-service photo developing machine didn’t find any photos on my memory stick. The lady at the shop said that perhaps they were not in .JPEG format and therefore not recognized by the machine. However, when I got home, I discovered that they were all .JPEG images but in extremely small Kilobyte sizes. They ranged in size from 3 KB to 25 KB. It would seem that images this small are not recognized by that particular photo developing machine. However, I would still like to print up these pictures if possible. However, is this in fact possible? Any advice given in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  hssutton 19:09 03 Aug 10

Yes jpgs can be upsized, this is done by software intopolation, discribed click here

However with images of 3-25Kbs I would forget all about it.

  woodchip 19:23 03 Aug 10

Once its saved you may increase File size but not picture quality. Only way to do that is print the Image at Good Print Resolution then Rescan it at High Resolution, save as Tif to Edit

  woodchip 19:25 03 Aug 10

Don't think you will have much success with images that size

  awest3 19:35 03 Aug 10

As I understand it, could be wrong of course, but everytime a jpg (compressed image) is subsequently saved it compresses again..which makes it lose image quality.. At a starting point of 3-25kbs I would suggest that very little would be recognisable after resizing as the pixels would be very large and blocky.

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