Is there ANY way way to search this site?

  northamuk 00:28 13 Jan 03
  northamuk 00:28 13 Jan 03

I don't use the Search any more 'cos I can't find anything!

  Djohn 00:32 13 Jan 03

northamuk, don't think anyone can, unless they have a good memory! :o(

  northamuk 00:35 13 Jan 03

Have to agree, but if it's a secret nobody's letting on!

  AndySD 00:35 13 Jan 03

Ummmm sorry to say but I have to agree....

Perhaps they could archive all posts over a year old and reinstall the search then.... But even thats a huge job and will probably take the site off line for a few days.... oh well

  northamuk 00:38 13 Jan 03

Memory doesn't even come into it, Keywords are NO help whatsoever.

  Djohn 00:44 13 Jan 03

Yep, I'm not to well conversed on the tech. side of this, but can't see any harm in threads rolling off the forum at the end of each year, and a CD being made available for anyone who requires it.

Maybe even a shorter period of time, can some of the forum members who have been around for a while suggest a time period, or a way of having a good search facility that does not drain recourses. J.

  Djohn 00:46 13 Jan 03

resource's even. :o(

  northamuk 00:52 13 Jan 03

It would be nice, even HELPFUL, if somebody (perhaps someone from PCA) were to give guidelines for its use!

  northamuk 01:02 13 Jan 03

Just an afterthought, what's the point of having a huge resource hogging database if no one can access it?

  Old PC man 10:10 13 Jan 03

This is getting rediculous. Most of us are trying to help others get their problems sorted, but if we cannot find the threads we subscribe to ,I for one , will lose interest. It takes more time than a lot of us can afford scrolling down the listings to find the thread that youre involved in.

Give us back the search we were used to.

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