Is there any way to Repair WIN 98SE

  BIGBAGGY 19:11 22 Dec 03

i AM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH my WIN98SE and its getting on my nerves now. Is there anyway to repair a faulty OS

  Giant68 19:16 22 Dec 03

Reinstall it! What problems are you having??


  sgtdibble 19:26 22 Dec 03

If you have a win98se disc you can back up your files and reinstall as giant68 says Tom>>>

  VoG II 19:36 22 Dec 03

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

Have your Windows CD to hand.

  g0slp 22:15 22 Dec 03

This was given to me over the phone by a well-known firm when I had one of their machines (in a previous life, as the saying goes!)

Start computer, pressing F8 repeatedly as machine boots up, and select option 5 when offered it. The C:\ prompt appears

Type as shown below within the "" marks, noting the space between 'cd' and the following text, which is important, but ignoring the "" marks. Press 'enter' at the end of each line. I've put what you should see on the screen in brackets.

"cd windows"

(Screen shows C:\windows)

"cd options"

(Screen shows C:\windows\options)

"cd cabs"

(Screen shows C:\windows\options\cabs)


The machine will then reinstall W98SE from its own backup.

From memory, I had very little software to reinstall after this, if any. You will backup all your important data before doing any form of repair, though, won't you!

Good luck, & compliments of the season

Mark g0slp

  snowy7077 22:24 22 Dec 03

That guy/gal got it right first time.

The well known over the phone company whose name has 4 letters begins with D and ends in L
Gave me the same info.
But select number 6
You get Dos Prompt.
Type in scanreg(leave single space)hit forward slash once, type restore. (no spaces accept the one mentioned

C/:"scanreg /restore" (Leave out " ")
Brings up window re "go back" facility.
Pick a day that worked ok and thats it.
I just did the same 60 minutes ago.
All the best and happy Christmas.

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