Is there an alternative to Live Mail

  hssutton 08:27 AM 25 May 11

Have just upgraded my PC, SSD + Windows 7 64bit.

I absolutely hate "Live Mail" almost as much as Incredimail and feel that importing Windows Mail from Vista will be just a little to complicated for my aging brain, so will only attempt this as a last resort.

Are there any basic mail programs that I could download?

Many Thanks

  gengiscant 08:34 AM 25 May 11

Why not just use Gmail? or something similar.

  wiz-king 08:42 AM 25 May 11

I use Pegasus on Win 7 64 bit and it's fine and free!

  hssutton 08:46 AM 25 May 11

I already have Gmail and webmail via my ISP, so just want a basic mail program. Will have a look at Pegasus and report back, thanks

  birdface 09:11 AM 25 May 11

Maybe try text

  hssutton 09:27 AM 25 May 11

Thanks for the help, Pegasus downloaded, perfect for my needs.

I'd forgot all about Thunderbird which I've used in the past and wouls have been suitable, memory problems associated with old age are becoming a real pain :)

Will tick as resolved


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