Is ther a signal booster for poor wireless signal

  buckeye 13:48 12 Jan 10

I have a poor wireless signal in my home..probably because my home was built with steel beams as opposed to wood..however, my main PC is upstairs and i can't use my laptop downstairs to connect to internet as it tells me the signal is there a device to boost signal on the market. Any advice would be appreciated.

  Woolwell 14:11 12 Jan 10
  Woolwell 14:14 12 Jan 10

Slightly out of date advice as N standard may make a difference too.

  wjrt 15:42 12 Jan 10

if upstairs and downstairs are on same ring mains you could use something like this
click here

  buckeye 17:29 12 Jan 10

Thanks guys...will have detailed look at both suggestions.

  rdave13 17:51 12 Jan 10

You could also check different channels your router/modem uses. If it's not set to auto try different broadcasting channels. Usually range from 1 to 13.

  T0SH 18:29 12 Jan 10

Home plug ethernet network devices do not have to be on the same ring main to work, just fed off the same distribution system on the same phase of the supply, which should always be the case in a domestic situation

Cheers HC

  buckeye 21:04 13 Jan 10

Turns out that the problem was caused by 2 AV video senders in the next room blocking my wireless signal .. turned them off and lo and behold..everything is working fine .. thanks to all who took the time to reply .. much obliged to you.

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