Theoretically fast (relatively), practically slow

  ocrease 19:21 26 Jan 04


I am getting very confused with my computer. I have ran both 3DMark03 and PCMark04 and received really bad results. For 3DMark03 I got 860 and for PCMark04 I got about 3200. Here is my setup

Athlon XP 2700XP+
512Mb DDR 266
Connect 3D ATI Radeon 9600 128mb

Now, looking at other peoples results on the 3DMark website, I should be getting about 4000 points and about 6500 for the PCMark04.

Clearly there is something wrong. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the graphics card and that has not helped.

In means of a comparison, a friend ran 3DMark2001 SE and he got a score of 6800. I ran the same test and got 3200! He has a multivision laptop with an Athlon 2500, ATI Radeon 9000 mobile and 512mb of ram. It is not possible that he is getting better results. Does anyone have any ideas? Please help


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