Thanks Powerless

  Willow12 23:23 06 Jun 03

You last message click here corrected a previous problem here click here !!!!!!

As well, of course helping me solve the Broadband problem itself.

Without fawning too much I would like to say what a great help all of you 'experts' are. Without the help and patience of the likes of Powerless, V0G, Leo49, The Spires, Woodchip and countless others, many people without anywhere near the same knowledge base (myself clearly included) would have far more PC headaches than we currently experince.

Your freely given time and experience certainly encourages me to work at attaining some degree of PC know how so that I can also be of help!!

Fawning over. Cheers again guys.

I'll keep this one open for a bit, who knows where it might lead!

  powerless 00:52 07 Jun 03

No problem!

...and thanks.

  Andybear 20:53 07 Jun 03


I'm 100% with you. Any problems I have, I now come straight here. So far I've always been able to find answers. So thanks from me also.


  VoG™ 00:56 08 Jun 03

Trying to help people like you provides me with great satisfaction (when I succeed) and I'm sure that this goes for Powerless and the others as well. So THANK YOU!

  hugh-265156 01:04 08 Jun 03

me too,thanks folks.

  Kitz E Kat 01:35 08 Jun 03

Can i second that motion???

  hugh-265156 01:39 08 Jun 03

group hug?

  Willow12 13:14 08 Jun 03

Strange that it is only the night owls that have posted on this one. We obviously haven't got anthing better to do ......... like going to bed at a decent hour!!! :)

  hugh-265156 13:18 08 Jun 03

bed? whats that then?

  The Spires 13:21 08 Jun 03


  Willow12 13:22 08 Jun 03

With you on that one. I think it is that thing you crawl into between 2 and 3am and stumble out of when the kids wake you up at 7am!

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