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  terendak_uk 20:43 13 Mar 06

Wireless headphones are working "silently"/beautifully!Thanks to this forum's advice
OK...I like to switch between the 5.1 speakers and the H'phones. Is there a "switch" that I can use to easily "hop" between the two?
Rather than delving into the morass of cables to unplug my 3 plugs for the 5.1 speaker-config and to then plug in my single black for h'phones, does one exist?
Be grateful for advice or castigation, given my ignorance.

  Audeal 23:29 13 Mar 06

Can you not plug the earphones into a socket on the speakers which will cut the speakers out until you pull the headphones out. Or you could try one of these.
click here

  woodchip 23:33 13 Mar 06

Don't think so as when you push the plug in it acts as a switch with the mini jack disconnecting contacts within the jack socket

  Belatucadrus 00:18 14 Mar 06

click here This do ?

  terendak_uk 08:36 14 Mar 06

I have the hub: very useful for switching between stereo speakers and h'phones.Perhaps if I leave the green and orange plugs of the 5.1 system in the PCI soundcard( S'blaster Plat Live). Plug the hub jack into the s'card black output then I can plug the black jacks of the h'phones and 5.1 speakers into the hub, thus switching easily between the two??? Reasonable, or just laughable?

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