TFT stopped working

  Cook2 00:06 28 Sep 04

My sons 15" TFT screen suddenly went 'white' and the control buttons have stopped working. I checked it on my computer and same result. Does this mean 'hand in pocket' for dad?

  Djohn 00:27 28 Sep 04

click here And check out answer No. 15 Doesn't look too promising. :o(

  Djohn 00:29 28 Sep 04

Then again it may be the transformer not sending the correct 3.3 volts to the monitor. Is the transformer built in or separate?

  Cook2 00:32 28 Sep 04

Thanks Djohn, I thought so. It was purchased from Novatech last December so if I can find the receipt maybe they will fix it under guarantee.

  Cook2 00:33 28 Sep 04

Built in, unlike my own.

  Djohn 00:36 28 Sep 04

It will most likely carry a 3 year warranty so if you can find the receipt or proof of purchase they will deliver a new one and pick up the old one at the same time.

Most suppliers don't need the receipt, they ask you for the serial and model number from the rear of the monitor, that will tell them the date it was shipped to the selling agent.

  Djohn 00:39 28 Sep 04

That's a shame as I've just taken delivery of a new TFT with built in transformer but still have a fully working separate transformer from my previous model. You would have been more than welcome to have it for postage cost only.

  Cook2 00:39 28 Sep 04

Thanks for jogging my memory. If I log on to Novatech I can bring up a list of past purchases, what more proof do they need?

I'll now tick as resolved. THanks again.

  Djohn 00:43 28 Sep 04

When you contact Novatech they will most likely give you the phone number of the repair/replacement agent to contact. Phone them and they will arrange a next day swap out.

Good luck. j.

  Cook2 00:59 28 Sep 04

I've e-mailed Tecnical Support so will see what happens. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know how I get on.

  Cook2 23:41 05 Oct 04

They phoned me Thursday and gave a a frephone number, abroad somewhere, and I was told a replacement would be here Monday morning. It was.

I'm sticking with NOVATECH, it's one of the best compnies I've ever dealt with.

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