Tft Problem

  monkeyhead 15:16 01 Oct 06

No matter what program, application,game etc etc I run I constantly get these blue blocks spaced equally along the screeen. They look a bit like this:




Running down the screen.
What could it be?
Many thanks
Matt Seymour

  rodriguez 15:21 01 Oct 06

Does it look like that when the computer starts up? If it does then it could be a damaged graphics card or monitor. If it only does it within Windows, it could be a software problem.

  monkeyhead 15:29 01 Oct 06

It does it when it starts up too. Particularly noticeable on the Windows Xp loading screen.
If its the graphics card, does that mean that its likely its beyond repair or just a pin or connection?
Many thanks

  rodriguez 15:31 01 Oct 06

Graphics cards can be changed easily. Try and plug your computer into another monitor or plug the monitor into another computer. That way you'll be able to tell whether your need a new graphics card or monitor.

  interzone55 15:34 01 Oct 06

Is your VGA cable securely fastened to the graphics card?

If it's loose you could get this problem, make sure the screws are tightened fully. If this doesn't sort it, try a different monitor and/ or try your monitor on a different PC or laptop, just to see if the monitor or VGA card is at fault.

If your cable is non-captive (ie it has a blue VGA plug at both ends) try a different cable if you can.

  monkeyhead 16:34 01 Oct 06

Looks like its the graphics card :(
Tried everything you suggested.
I also noticed the tft is connected on a Dvi-vga convertor.
Matt Seymour

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