TFT Monitor Reviews

  KW2K 21:57 30 Dec 03

Hi Folks, Does anyone know of any web sites which give reviews on TFT Monitors. I'm looking to buy one and would like some info on them.


  Rennaissance 21:59 30 Dec 03

Why not try the consumer watch forum on this site. Or maybe one of us can help. Me being a first time user of TFT am pretty happy with it, the colours are much better, but the only downfall is the fixed resolution. Mine cannot go over 1024x768. Very space saving also.

  hugh-265156 22:16 30 Dec 03

some reviews click here

  Pete709 22:18 30 Dec 03

If it helps, i have a NEC 1860nx and i think it is fantastic! Black body with silver trim, it looks amazing (in my opinion). By far the best picture i have seen. It also supports DVI which does improve the sharpness and overall quality, but you will only benefit if your computer has a DVI socket. I would advise forgetting those TFT's with built in speakers. The sound quality is generally poor (2-5 watts).

  Pete709 22:20 30 Dec 03

Oh...forgot to mention it's 18 inches of flatness...!!

  Rennaissance 22:23 30 Dec 03

Aclick here have a Vizitron L5AK5 Monitor only 15" of pure flatness. :P

  Rennaissance 22:24 30 Dec 03

Lol at this, I only put 4 W's there and it comes up with a click here link.

  Pete709 22:35 30 Dec 03

Yes, but is your Vizitron any good? Are you pleased with it? KW2K needs some monitor advice/suggestions 0_0

  KW2K 23:34 30 Dec 03

Thanks to all who contributed. I found the link that HuggyG71 posted to be very good. I cannot make my mind up whither to go the 19" road or settle for a 17" screen. Sometimes i think the 19" screen is just too big ? and a bit on the expensive side, what do you guy's think ?

Thanks Again.

  Pete709 00:21 31 Dec 03

Depends on space available, but when you consider the size of "footprint" of a TFT go for the biggest you can afford.

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