Wormio 21:21 04 Jan 03
  Wormio 21:21 04 Jan 03

Hi, have just upgraded from a 17in HP screen to a TFT 15in, running off a 8mb Sparkle agp card. My old monitor ran fine @ 24 bit true colour, 1024*768, however if I run the TFT screen above 800*600 @ any colour I have shadows/ghosting around boxes & icons. Screen driver correct, agp card has latest driver. Does this mean I need to upgrade my graphics card, if so can anyone recommend one.



  Djohn 21:56 04 Jan 03

Wormio, I think you will find that TFT screens are set to run best at a fixed resolution and if you choose a different one, then you will experience the symptoms you have described.

Probably the screen you have is best at 8x6! J.

  rickf 22:25 04 Jan 03

Yes, Mine fixed at 1024x768 @ 60mhz refresh rate. At this recommended setting everything is crisp and clear, even playing games or movies.

  BrianW 23:06 04 Jan 03

17 inch TFT native resolution is normally 1280 x 1024 at 60 mhz, 16 bit high colour. At this setting you should get the best image.

  DieSse 23:09 04 Jan 03

rickf's settings are the normal ones for a 15" TFT, as you have. But check in your manual.

Too high a refresh rate could be your problem, if you have simply unplugged your CRT and connected your TFT.

  Migwell 01:00 05 Jan 03

15" TFT should be 1024 X 768 and set to 75mhz

  DieSse 01:15 05 Jan 03

Yours maybe - his maybe not - that's why the manual should be consulted.

  KwaK 12:45 12 Jan 03


How have you resolved this as I am also having a ghosting problem.

I have done as everyone here has suggested but no improvement :-( sometimes worse!!

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