Text wrap picture within text box in MS Word

  algernonymous 07:52 17 Jul 11

Is it possible to wrap text round a picture within a text box in MS word? I've inserted the image into the box and its pushed the text above and below. I've tried 'Format Picture > Layout > Wrapping Style but when I click on any option I get no reaction.


  Taff™ 09:06 17 Jul 11

Which version of Word? I've also found this a problem and a work around is to set up the text box first. Insert the picture into a new blank document and then set the wrapping before copying it into the text box. That seems to work for me.

  mimosa418 09:23 17 Jul 11

Placing your picture into a text box within the text box should also work.

  Diemmess 09:29 17 Jul 11

I found that changing to 2007 version, like Taff™ I now have to insert a textbox first. Let it fall where it will on the page. Go to wrapping, set that and drag the box around to position approximately in its final shape. Now highlight the 'contents' of the box.

Select insert - a picture from file. Find the picture and click to insert. (You can also paste a copy of something if you would rather). Then tidy the margins of the textbox and picture, and set the border to what you want. If that isn't the way it should be done...... I plead its the way I do it!

A work-around in some circumstances, can be to make a one or two cell table, and insert the picture into that.

  algernonymous 09:39 17 Jul 11

Its Word 2000.

Taff- Tried your suggestion but it tells me 'You cannot put drawing objects into a text box' when I paste. ??

mimo- That only places the picture on top of/over the text. ??

  algernonymous 10:04 17 Jul 11


Thanks, your method/explanation worked for me.

  Taff™ 10:19 17 Jul 11

Word 2000! That's stretching my memory. Is it a drawing object or a picture? Using mimo's method try formatting the text box in which the picture is placed.

  algernonymous 10:29 17 Jul 11

Lol Taff. Actually I have various versions but I like using my XP/Office 2000 laptop best. And I may have jumped the gun when I said problem solved- I was trying Diemmess's suggestion as a straightforward document, when I tried it within another text box, it didn't work. Anyway, I have to go out for the day now so will resume later.

Thanks all.

  algernonymous 10:34 17 Jul 11

Oh, and it is a picture but that's the message I got.

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