Text size huge!

  northerngirl 13:40 04 Dec 07

Hoping someone can help me.
Each time I double click on text it is HUGE. I have checked the text size settings and they are set to normal . It is only when I double click something that the text changes. Help please?

  Kemistri 13:41 04 Dec 07

In which application(s)?

  northerngirl 13:43 04 Dec 07

Everything that I double click on.

  anskyber 14:02 04 Dec 07

Has your mouse got separate software do you know which could be set to adjust text on clicking?

  northerngirl 14:05 04 Dec 07

Anskyber, not that I am aware of. I only encountered this problem yesterday. Do you think a system restore would help?

  anskyber 14:08 04 Dec 07

If its so recent then I would go for a system restore as a good starter.

  northerngirl 14:13 04 Dec 07

Thanks anskyber, I will try it and get back to let the forum know if it worked.

  birdface 14:19 04 Dec 07

View,Text size,set it to Medium.

  birdface 14:22 04 Dec 07

Or if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse.Press CTRL and turn the wheel at the same time.

  northerngirl 14:37 04 Dec 07

Buteman, I have done that but still the problem remains.

  anskyber 14:41 04 Dec 07

System Restore no good?

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