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  sooty16 04 May 12

My computer is plagued by test enhance..It keeps popping up and is really annoying. I have followed the opt-out procedure but it still keeps happening..Text enhance have told me to remove the software from my browser plugs ins, but I cannot find it there..

Can any PLEASE help me


  recap 04 May 12

What browser are you using sooty16?

  northumbria61 04 May 12

If using IE -

This is a browser extension called "I want this" In Explorer, go to tools, manage add ons, toolbars and extentions and disable the "I want this" extension.

In Google chrome click on the spanner icon,top right of page go to tools and go through the same process.After you have done this restart your browser and it should be gone. Then go to your control panel and remove/un-install the program " I Want This"

  sooty16 05 May 12

The browser is Firefox

  recap 09 May 12

Manually uninstalling a plugin If you can't use an uninstaller program to remove a plugin, you can remove it manually: 1.In the Location bar, type about:config and press EnterReturn. ?The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue to the about:config page. 2.Search for the preference: plugin.exposefullpath. 3.Double-click on the plugin.exposefullpath preference in the list to change the value to true. 4.Enter about:plugins into the Location bar to display the About Plugins page. 5.Each entry in the About Plugins page will have "File name:" followed by a path. Use Windows Explorer to navigateNavigate to the folder shown for the plugin you want to remove. 6.Rename the file to something other than its normal name - e.g. npswf32 becomes Xnpswf32 7.Double-click on the plugin.exposefullpath preference in the list on the about:config page to change the value back to false to avoid exposing the plugin path to websites. The plugin will be removed.

Extracted from Uninstall instruction

  bloodnock 10 May 12

I have the Same Enhanced text Issue...No matter what i do its always there, In Firefox or Google or IE, I cant find any add-on that has any releveance to such a thing so i cant disable it.

Ive tried the advice showing above, but after step 4 there is no relevance to what information my PC shows..

Is there a nice, relatively simple way to end these pop ups from Enhanced Text..their own site opt out option is a load of Bull as it makes no difference.

This things driving me mental...its spoils almost all my favourite web pages and sites...

  sooty16 10 May 12

Gropuon has now joined the issue. Items are highlighted on this page and groupon comes up.

  Woolwell 10 May 12

Have a look through this [Text Enhance Firefox ]1

  Woolwell 10 May 12

Hm the link is odd - just click on the numeral 1.

  Woolwell 10 May 12
  Sea Urchin 10 May 12

If you have any of these Add-Ons they can cause the problem you're getting:

•Widge Toolbar Platform •TheBflix (May install with) •TheBflix5.0 •TheBflix Class •Bflix1.0 •SiteAdvisor (This is the same name as a McAfee product, do not disable McAfee) •I Want This •BeCool (Bcool) •Facetheme (Known virus, check uninstaller too) •Yontoo •Notepad++ (May install with) •Better Links •Vuze (Not the P2P client) •Protector by IB2.0.0.412 •CodecC 1.0 (Quicktime, Video) •CodecC •CodecM •Codec-V (Video Player, Win Trojan Known Location: C:\ProgramData\Codec-V) •Codecv 1.0 •RewardsrcadeSuite •Fantapper •Vid-Saver (May install with) •Downloadnsave •Game Play Labs •Premiumplay Codec •Dealply •YouTube Plus •Media Plugin •Browser Enhancements 1.0 •Pando Media Enhancer •Crossrider Web Apps •I-livid •Bandicam •Greasemonkey •Installed Class (With Java plug-ins) •wxDfast (May install with) •Shockwave (Not recommended, read below)


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