Text in body of spam

  IClaudio 18:04 09 Aug 06


I run MailWasher Pro before grabbing email from my server, and many of the spam messages, particulary those purporting to be from Barclays or Lloyds (and asking for your details, tsk) have seemingly random quotes in the body of the message. Here's a typical example:

"But he had gone on working just the same. connotation blueprint He went into the parlor.
That's what killing that goddamned bitch Misery was about, now that I think about it. Misery's amnesia? Normal air had never tasted so fine. but there's no one in that room at all. She was dressed in bees. As the humming, vibrating blade s"

I delete them straight away, so have no idea how they display. I assume this is used as some kind of subterfuge to get around spam filters, but have no idea how it might work. Just out of curiosity, can anyone enlighten me?

Incidentally, all these quotes are quite intriguing, and, strung together, might make a great stream-of conciousness novel (this one looks like Stephen King, and many of them are very Twain-like...)

  DieSse 19:12 09 Aug 06

I think they think - lots of non-spam words might convice the filter it's an OK message. No idea whether it works or not. I shouldn't have thought so if the spam filter program has it's wits about it.

It's a pretty common thing.

  rawprawn 19:17 09 Aug 06

I got loads of them, fortunately (fingers crossed) they seem to have stopped. It got so bad I created new email addresses, and left the old one alone for quite a while. I just kept deleting them with Mailwasher, & I think they have just about stopped. A Real Nuisance!!!

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