Text Is To Big Using Paint

  Molly_Don 17:43 22 Nov 08

I've scanned a letter from my printer using paint as I need to delete some text but the text within the letter is massive, I've tried to amend the text size using View > zoom, it already set on the lowest amount 100%.

Viw > Zoom is already on normal size as well.

This has never happend befor, any suggestions please?

  MAJ 18:19 22 Nov 08

Reduce the scan resolution.

What way are you scanning the text, btw, are you using OCR software or are you just scanning to jpeg?

  Molly_Don 18:33 22 Nov 08


How do I reduce the scan resoloution? and I'm not sure what you mean re scaning text.

This is what I'm doing

Start > Paint > File > From Scanner or Camera > scan

It always worked before, just tonight when the text became to big.

  MAJ 18:45 22 Nov 08

I don't know which scanner you're using, Molly_Don, so I'm not sure exactly where the option to reduce the resolution is on yours, but it should be somewhere in the options when the scanner software kicks in when you click Scan. It doesn't seem that you're using OCR, rather you're just scanning to a picture file (probably jpeg?). Try reducing the scan resolution to about 150, it's likely set at 300 or more at the moment.

  MAJ 19:03 22 Nov 08

Paint isn't a great application to scan to, it's pretty basic. If you don't have anything else, try Irfanview click here or Gimp click here . Both are excellent graphics manipulation programs and both are free.

  DieSse 19:47 22 Nov 08

"I'm not sure what you mean re scaning text."

If you scan a document into Paint, all you'll get is a picture of the document - not editable text (as in Word, say).

Is that really what you want, a picture of the document?

  DieSse 19:51 22 Nov 08

If you want to just blank out some text by, say, drawing a white box over it - try doing so, then look at Print Preview. Perhaps it still looks OK and will print out at the correct size anyway.

  Molly_Don 20:06 22 Nov 08

Hi DieSse

OK, I've scanned the document, I've used the eraser icon to delete the personal infomation (Name/ Address / Company) saved the document to my desktop.

All that worked OK (altrhough as mentioned the text is huge)

I've now gone to imagshack to upload the document, clicked host it, and it said the file is to big, I'm guessing it means the text.

I've never had an issue with the above method before, I'm hoping my post makes sense.

  Procrastinus 20:20 22 Nov 08

How about changing Attributes settings? Paint is a great programme - I use it all the time for family tree creation .

  Molly_Don 20:25 22 Nov 08

"How about changing"

How do I do that?

"Attributes settings? Paint is a great programme."

Yes, I like it, although MAJ said it's very basic,(no offence MAJ)it suites me.

  Procrastinus 20:49 22 Nov 08

Open Paint and go to Image > Attributes and you can adjust the final page size from there in metric/imperial/pixels. Bit of a fiddle but note down the size that suits you best so you can return to it later. Good luck!

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