Testing web page in varied browsers

  Pineman100 18:45 07 May 06

I'm new to web design - I use Serif Web Plus 8 under Windows XP Home SP2. I know nothing about html.

I am in the process of building my first website, and the software allows me to test my pages in my own browser (IE6). But how can I find out what they'll look like in other browsers? In particular, how do I know what my pages will look like on an Apple Mac?

Are there any freeware packages out there that would emulate other browers, to help me?

Many thanks for any advice.

  mco 20:28 07 May 06

why not just download Opera and Firefox and test them yourself? This is what I've done. As for apple macs, I know there's a site that gives you a screenshot for free of what your site would look like - can't just put my finger on it for the moment but maybe by upping this, someone else can.

  Forum Editor 23:20 07 May 06

(The MacOS browser) if you click here

Bear in mind that this will only show you pages that are online already.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:28 08 May 06

same method as Pineman100. I have the other browsers installed on my PC (except for the Mac), it's the simplest way.

  Pineman100 16:11 08 May 06

If I install other browsers on my computer, presumably there's no conflict with IE?
How do I ensure that IE remains my default browser?

  mco 16:32 08 May 06

No problem; just download them and make an icon on your desktop. They will ask you when you download if you want them to be your default browser. Just say 'no' because then you'll automatically use IE unless you specifically click on one of the others to test your site.

  Pineman100 16:50 08 May 06

for your help.

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