Testing php/cgi

  Maurellis 13:18 11 Jan 07

How do I set up my home computer so that I can try out PHP and CGI scripts before trying to upload them to my website.

  STREETWORK 20:14 11 Jan 07

Preview the page and try it from there...

  beynac 22:19 11 Jan 07

I don't know about cgi, but I'd recommend this for php: click here

  LeadingMNMs 22:20 11 Jan 07

Getting the scripts to work obviously requires a web server installed, and the relevant libraries installed. If your going to do it then its probably best to look at guides on the websites of these products. As a web server I'd be tempted to go for Apache over the Microsoft version, and the PHP and Perl (for CGI ?) sites should have installers to work with it.

Personally, if you've got some webspace I'd just create some form of test directory on there and upload it to test it. Its not that much more effort each time, just FTPing the file after saving it, and may well be easier overall if you have any problems with installing the above.

  LeadingMNMs 22:23 11 Jan 07

Well the link posted a minute before my post looks promosing, as it combines the Apache, PHP and Perl installations - so that may indeed be your best bet.

  beynac 22:26 11 Jan 07

Re. your last post: Yes, XAMPP gives you everything you need. It's easy to install and it's free!

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:02 11 Jan 07
  Maurellis 12:21 12 Jan 07

Thanks for all the advice.
The reason I want to rung perl/php on my home computer is because I am not connected to the internet at home. I have to go to an internet cafe to upload and download. As I am just learning about such things I need to spend a lot of time practising at home.
So far I have found it very complicated to get the right information from the web.
All I want to do is download suitable software to my computet so that I can try out my different sdcripts but some of the sights recommended lead you all round the houses and many links take you away to the wrong sights, or simply do not work. Can somebody lead me in the right direction - please.

  beynac 17:13 12 Jan 07

Download XAMPP from here: click here (you want the installer version: click here). The page contains installation instructions and FAQs.

XAMPP will give you exactly what you need.

  Maurellis 11:42 13 Jan 07

Thanks everyone. I will download xampp and try to figure it out.

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