Test Your PC's Security From The Outside

  Chronos the 2nd 01 Mar 13

Might be of interest.Gizmo's.

  chub_tor 01 Mar 13

I have been checking with Shield's Up for some years now. You can go direct to the site without the Spinrite ad if you Click Here.

  lotvic 01 Mar 13

Apparently if anyone looks for me and my files, I don't exist - I'm invisible.

  Chronos the 2nd 01 Mar 13

Who said that? LOL

  woodchip 01 Mar 13

my Router does not respond to being Probed

  caccy 01 Mar 13

Thank's for that site. I,m not seen either, except by "She who must be obeyed".

Thanks Chronos - good stuff.

  rdave13 01 Mar 13
  Chronos the 2nd 02 Mar 13

Us oldies know it's been around a while but that does not mean that information that may help people new to computing should not be posted again.

  muddypaws 02 Mar 13

Chronos the 2nd

Late night or early morning? (:-))


  hiwatt 02 Mar 13

All mine said was the equipment at the target ip address did not respond to our UPnP probes? Does that mean "I am not seen"? :)


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