Is down today?

  Debe 10:35 AM 02 Jun 11

Can't get into my e-mail account today :( Thanks!

  birdface 10:42 AM 02 Jun 11

The site is Ok if you are using Firefox use I/e as firefox is rather pathetic for me this morning.

  birdface 10:43 AM 02 Jun 11

Looks like I/E is not much better

  Debe 10:43 AM 02 Jun 11

I'm using Google Chrome, but it wouldn't fire up on IE either! thanks.

  Strawballs 13:45 PM 02 Jun 11

Might have something to do with their beer offer Tesco offer

  A. Muse 20:18 PM 02 Jun 11

Just posted this on another thread (Posted Jun 2 '11 at 8:14)Hope it helps

Had a similar problem trying to download e-mails from via talk talk broadband since last night.

After help from a friend the problem was solved by changing the MTU on the broadband router from the default 1500 to 1432. Don't know if this will help.

  Debe 21:24 PM 02 Jun 11

Thanks I am using pipex which is talk talk I think, problem is I don't have a clue what an MTU is or how I would change it- could you advise me please (a kind of help for dummies would do !) Thanks :)

  A. Muse 21:53 PM 02 Jun 11

I am a dummy on the PC which is why I sought help.

As far as I can tell, you access the router via your web browser, IE, firefox or whatever, by typing in the address of the router instead of the http bit - something like and hitting enter.

This should display some router settings - if 192 etc. does not work refer to the manual for the router to get the address.

Then work through the menus to the advanced one where a setting for the MTU will be displayed. You may need a password to get in - on my router admin in both boxes did the trick.

Hope someone else can give fuller help to you.


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