Tesco Statement; Is it just me?

  Simsy 19:35 13 Feb 09


I recently opted for online statements for my Tesco Credit Card. I've just downloaded a staement, for the first time, in .pdf format...

(I've yet to check the contents; that's not the issue)!

It took me a while to realise that what I had downloaded was actually my statement, becasue of the size of the pages...

There are 3 pages of what should be A4; In fact each page is... wait for it...

29.7 cm high, (That's fine)...

by.... wait for it....

2840942.02 cm wide !!!

I haven't mis-typed it!

I've tried with different browsers etc, and will talk to Tesco about it. It's a bit cunbersom to print out, but I've managed with a "print screen" palaver.

Anyone else experience of this?



  Spark6 20:53 13 Feb 09

After reading your post I checked the date to make sure it wasn't April 1st. Trying to visualise a statement, or any paperwork, 28.5 metres wide is "stretching" it a bit.

  Simsy 21:06 13 Feb 09

but it's not a joke!

her it is as displayed in .pdfExchange, 3 pages with the display set to "fit width";

click here



  Simsy 21:21 13 Feb 09

apparently it's not just me... Lots of folk have been ringing up complaining that their statements are blank...

Probably not if they scrol a long long long way to the left!

They are looking into it...

"Try again tomorrow sir. We may have fixed it by then. If it's still the same tomorrow then you'll know we haven't fixed it." !!



  Wak 21:41 13 Feb 09

I would think that they've obviously got the decimal point in the wrong place somewhere???

  Spark6 23:28 13 Feb 09

Maybe the stretch syndrome is infectious click here

  laurie53 07:51 14 Feb 09

"If it's still the same tomorrow then you'll know we haven't fixed it." !!"

That, at least, is refreshingly honest and straightforward.

At least you know exactly where you are with a statement like that, no waffle, no excuses.

  Simsy 10:21 14 Feb 09

All fixed now!



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