Tesco Software

  Pine Man 19:23 01 Nov 06

Has anybody tried any of the Tesco software yet?

I am particularly interested in views on Tesco Internet Security, which seems to have a pretty good specification at under £20. (Please just views on Tesco Internet Security!)

  rdave13 19:33 01 Nov 06

Not really. I'm a bit of a skinflint and use the(excellent) free security programs available.

  john-232317 19:34 01 Nov 06

Why pay, when AVG is free ;-)

  yaesu 21:12 01 Nov 06

Hi, the comment about AVG also applies to most of the other software on offer. It's relatively cheap but why pay anything if it can be had for free?!

  Totally-braindead 22:49 01 Nov 06

I presume the Tesco Internet Security package has more than an anti virus program on it.
Regardless you will find equivalent programs available for free. AVG or AVAST for free anti virus, there are loads of free Firewalls and many differnt programs for free removal of spyware. Unless the Tesco software is something really special, and I can't comment as I haven't seen details of it yet, I would think you would be better of with the Free known programs.

Its the same as their office suite, I have seen no info on that yet either but you can get OpenOffice for free. Unless its better than OpenOffice its not worth the money. As to whether it is I don't know.

  anskyber 23:09 01 Nov 06

Interesting, theres quite a lot of information on the Tesco web site particularly in the FAQs section. They include for example the names of files which should be allowed to run to permit their Internet Security software to run. click here The files are used by Panda software so it looks like they are the suppliers to Tesco and if that is the case its pretty good stuff.

  Totally-braindead 23:13 01 Nov 06

Interesting anskyber I'll have a good read of that later. Hopefully PCA will do a review of the software. I think I'll suggest that to them in another ongoing thread and then we'll see.

  anskyber 23:15 01 Nov 06

The full security suite is under £20, thats a serious challenge to the paid for suppliers.

  Kate B 23:15 01 Nov 06

I've got review copies of all the apps. Haven't installed them yet but will do so over the next few days and report back.

  anskyber 23:20 01 Nov 06

Aha!! well done Kate, do keep us informed, if it is the equivalent of say the Panda full suite then there are going to be some interesting waves in the market.

  JYPX 23:20 01 Nov 06

anskyber is correct. The software that interests you is supplied by Panda so I suggest you do a search for reviews of Panda Internet Security 2007. Panda have been awfully helpfull by linking to one press review from their own site....click here

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