Terrible high pitched whistling from my laptop

  whisked 11:41 31 Aug 03

I suddenly have this problem with my Advent 7004.It is constant but can vary in pitch if you move your hand across the mousepad or move around beside the machine. I have also noticed when trying to hear a music track through the whistling the sound is really distorted. Are my speakers going or something or maybe something else?

  graham√ 12:01 31 Aug 03

Sounds like feedback. Mute the microphone.

  BBez 12:16 31 Aug 03

have you updated drivers for the sound chip? if not it may be "bus noise" from the chip which may suggest the chip is on the way out...

  whisked 12:18 31 Aug 03

Yes well that stops the noise in its tracks, but it leaves me not able to hear anything else! It certainly sounds like feedback of some sort as when you tap your finger next to the mic this alters the sound depending on how you tap.

What is it feedback from and any ideas how to eliminate it grtefully appreciated.


  whisked 12:21 31 Aug 03

Wouldn't have a clue how to update drivers for the sound chip!

  whisked 12:24 31 Aug 03

Oops sorry Graham, i muted everything! Have now just muted the mic and sound obviously gone and i can hear music etc ok.

Unless anyone else thinks i still have a prob other than the mic, which i dont really use, ill close the thread.


  Peverelli 12:29 31 Aug 03

Feedback is caused by the mic picking up sound from the speakers, which is then fed back to the speakers and picked up by the mic - etc. etc. Turning the volume down or (I suppose this isn't possible with a laptop) moving the mic away from the speakers will prevent it. As you don't use the mic, then muting is the best option.

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