okcoky 00:18 25 Aug 04

any tell me what temperature an athlon64 3000+ should be running at when working hard(playing games) and what is its approx limit,and im still having problems with my pwoer supply as when hot it starts to crackle(any ideas)ps it is 550w

  Delltree C: 00:53 25 Aug 04

If you want your cpu to last then 60c is as hot as I let mine get before I upgrade the cooling in either the case or the cpu cooler itself .

It depends on what fans you have got in the machine.

Is the power supply full of dust, an lot of dust inside computers can cause them to overheat.

  okcoky 01:05 25 Aug 04

its a new case,with2 fans at front,1 at back 1 on top and the cpu fan and vga fan and the pwer supply fan

  Delltree C: 02:10 25 Aug 04

What are the temps that you are getting for cpu, system, gpu etc.

  okcoky 23:54 25 Aug 04

well all temps seem ok think it must be power supply because now am getting message that vga card will run on reduced power as there is not enough even though i have a 550w power supply.anyone know of a GOOD power supply for around 55.00?

  Delltree C: 00:29 26 Aug 04

550w psu can run a big hungry machine, how mutch have you kit got in there?

If you belive the temps are ok, borrow a psu if you can, to see if that makes any diferance, and if not, then go have a google there`s plenty of choice, or local shop, computer fair..........

  Stuartli 11:01 26 Aug 04

Here's a list of maximum operating temperatures for various CPUs:

click here


click here

click here

I've been worried about my (recently acquired) PentiumIII 550MGz Slot1 getting up to around 97 degrees F and sought to improve the case cooling where possible.

However, I later read the above first link and realised I was worrying unnecessarily - or at least hope so..:-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 26 Aug 04

AMD voltages temps etc.click here

  okcoky 14:58 26 Aug 04

thanx for all your help lads

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