Temp files in Internet Logs

  johnem 20:07 01 Jan 03
  johnem 20:07 01 Jan 03

Hello Gang, Happy New Year. Just a query that has occured to me. Having become slightly paranoid about tracking information that has been stored on the puter via the internet, I wondered if anyone was able to advise if it is safe to delete these t"Temp" files from "Internet Log". Puter is running Windows ME and IE5.5. I also noticed that there appears to be a considerable number of "Text files" and "Log" files in the same folder. What are these for, do they alsdo contain logs of where I have been etc. Lots of questions as usual. Hope you can help.

  spikeychris 20:10 01 Jan 03

You can safely delete one, two, or all of the temp Internet files. The only downside is it takes a nanno second longer to find the site if you have been there before.


  spikeychris 20:13 01 Jan 03

You will find the index.dat file located here. that is where you will find lots of txt files. Tiny idents of your voyages on the virtual oceans..

  johnem 20:25 01 Jan 03

Thanks for the info, regularly clean out "cookies" folder and "temp. internet files" using "Internet Cleanup". My interest is the contents of different file called "Intenet Logs" found in the "Windows" folder. Maybe I am tinkering where I didn't ought to be!

  johnem 20:29 01 Jan 03

I have just had another look and it would appera that the some of the Log files have titles of ZALog2002.... As I have ZoneAlarm installed, these are probably something to do with this.

  spikeychris 20:32 01 Jan 03

Is this not a firewall folder.


  spikeychris 20:33 01 Jan 03

Yep it's your Z/A and its safe to delete.



  johnem 20:36 01 Jan 03

Thanks for the thoughts, you may well be right. The folder was created back in 2001 about a fortnight after I got the puter. Can't remember when I installed ZoneAlarm. Oh well, think I will move these files to Dustbin and see if it still works. Thanks for the thoughts. No insult received.

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