Ive 21:57 29 Jun 04

Running XP Home. AVG has virus vaulted these 3 files saying the first 2 contain trogans sced.a and the 3rd containing Bat sasser.A. Does anyone no if they are files needed for XP or were they dumped on my system with the viruses in them.

  stalion 21:59 29 Jun 04

you need to delete them

  Ive 22:06 29 Jun 04

Thanks mate.Does this mean they were sent containing the viruses or were they on my system and then infected. Im a bit slow where viruses are concerned.

  Gongoozler 22:10 29 Jun 04

Telnet is a legitimate file that has been hijacked by a trojan. This site is discussing mcc.exe, and is probably relevant to your problem click here.

CMD.FTP may be connected with the same problem, but it could be connected with the Sasser worm click here

  stalion 22:15 29 Jun 04

It means they have tried to enter your system but your anti-virus software has done it's job.Are you in a position to delete them?

  Ive 22:29 29 Jun 04

Stalion. What do you mean buy are you in a position to delete them.

  stalion 22:31 29 Jun 04

your virus software has vaulted them are you able to delete them or do you need help

  Ive 22:35 29 Jun 04

Stalion. Is it then a case of just right clicking them in the vault and then click delete.

  stalion 22:41 29 Jun 04

I am not sure as I use norton anti-virus, does AVG give you a delete option

  Ive 22:45 29 Jun 04

Stallion. Yes.

  stalion 22:54 29 Jun 04

should be ok to delete then run a virus scan after

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