Telewest customers to get speed upgrade.

  dagwoood 16:53 11 Aug 05

Telewest are to start the roll out of faster speeds from September! What's more, unlike the announced NTL speed upgrades, TW will be an uncapped service. Entry level speed will be 2mb, 4mb will be £25 and 10mb will be £35.

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  VoG II 16:59 11 Aug 05

Roll on September :o)

  Yoda Knight 17:26 11 Aug 05

Oooooh, the timing.... !!!!

I was just about to switch to Bulldog for the extra speed

  Happy Soul 19:55 11 Aug 05

So my £25 will go from 1mb to 4mb. Wheeeeeee!!

There is a downside of course, I will be able to do everything 4 times faster, which means I will only be on-line for a quarter of the time, which in effect means there has been a four fold increase in my subscription.

  Joe R 19:57 11 Aug 05

OOooooh, it's like Xmas again. :o)

My God, I sound like one of my grandchildren.!

  Forum Editor 20:06 11 Aug 05

Don't count on that Happy Soul - the quoted speeds are maximums, and you are unlikely ever to achieve the maximum.

Nevertheless, this is welcome news for Telewest customers, and is I hope an indication of the way things will go with other providers.

All of this is being geared towards offering us film download services, and the race to capture that market will pick up in the coming months. It can only be good news for broadband users.

  green paul 20:43 11 Aug 05

not to happy myself as i will be out of the Telewest area in two weeks, what bad timing. 10Mb would have been fantastic

  Noelg23 21:15 11 Aug 05

just cant wait for my 2Mb connection to go to 10MB....about flaming time if u ask me...I am so looking forward to day everyone will be on the ideal internet world!

  dagwoood 22:19 11 Aug 05

For a little more info, here's the press release click here=

Well, the consensus of opinion seems to be that Christmas has come early :)

  Noelg23 22:48 11 Aug 05

amen to that!!! :o)

  zincy 23:22 11 Aug 05

i was going to move away form telewest as well!
looks like i got many reasons to stay now ^^

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