Telephone Help Needed Please?

  tburchell 16:58 28 Nov 08

A friend of mine has a Binatone Telephone and Answer machine (Combo) SC3410 plus a Motorola ME4067. Both of these phones are DECT. The problem is, a "beep" keeps appearing after only a few minutes of talking which then cuts the call off. This happens on both telephones, but more on the Binatone model. Can anyone throw any light as to why this is happening and what can be done about it? Only a suggestion, but could they in some way be interfering with each other? Any help would be most appreciated. Kind Regards, Tim.

  Pamy 17:10 28 Nov 08

are the batteries OK?

  Forum Editor 17:20 28 Nov 08

from Speakers Corner.

  Graham. 17:26 28 Nov 08

He should try them one at a time. Power off one of them, then on the other dial 2 to break dial tone. Listen for the beep.

  tburchell 17:30 28 Nov 08

thanks Pamy, I will get him to check the batteries!

  tburchell 17:42 28 Nov 08

could it be anything else?

  jon2 17:45 28 Nov 08

I have a Binatone and when the batteries are low it do's give a warning bleep

  Andsome 18:57 28 Nov 08

Is there no battery condition indicator? My DECT phones have three black dots in the corner for full charge, and they disappear one by one as the batteries run down.

  ronalddonald 07:09 29 Nov 08

the instruction manual, interference from other things, check cables and wires of the base units.

  tullie 07:24 29 Nov 08

Id say batteries.If the phones have been in position for some time i cant see it being interference.

  BT 08:09 29 Nov 08

Sounds like the batteries to me.
Mine give a beep every few minutes if the batteries are low and the handset isn't on the charger when not in use. If the handset is being used it beeps a bit more often and will eventually cut off.

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