telephone cable

  rsinbad 22:36 25 Jun 06

I am looking for some external 2pair external cable, as yet not been able to find an outlet.The internal cable would not be suitable i am looking for about 40M

Just wandering if any of you have bought this cable and if so where did you get it from


  DieSse 22:53 25 Jun 06

Do you need external grade cable because it's going outside - or just because of the length.

If it's the length - the lightweight loudspeaker cable will do just fine, or here click here

Proper external cable tends to be available only by the reel - 100m or 305m. Or take a chance with lightweight mains cable.

  rsinbad 23:10 25 Jun 06

Yes it needs to be external grade as it will be exposed to the eliments. I,m not sure lightweight mains cable will be suitable for connection to my router.
The type of cable i am looking for is the black type that bt feeds the master socket with.

Thanks for your reponse

  DieSse 23:54 25 Jun 06

External grade cable

click here

click here

click here

just searech with google for external grade telephone cable uk or similar

  rsinbad 07:14 26 Jun 06

thanks thats the cable i'm looking for


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