Technical Memory Info Required

  23790954 18:58 11 Jul 08

Hi! there,

My neighbours computer is non functional after he knocked it badly when moving it to another room.
I have checked each component thoroughly and I am sure that the fault lies with the motherboard.
It failed to bootup after fitting a new cpu, after fitting new memory etc.
I have a spare motherboard which uses the same socket cpu. However the faulty motherboard had been using pc3200 400 DDR memory when it became faulty. The spare motherboard states that it will take up to pc2700 333 DDR memory. I have no pc2700 333 memory, but plenty of pc3200 400
memory. Having just spoken to a friend who also builds computers, he informed me that my spare motherboard, which states it takes up to pc2700 333 memory, will in fact work just as well with the pc 3200 400 memory installed.
Can someone please verify this before I fit it, so that I do not damage another motherboard.
Many thanks to all help given.

  Quiller. 19:07 11 Jul 08

Yes it will be fine.

It will slow the memory speed down to PC2700 standard.

  greenlamp 19:16 11 Jul 08

Just a thought, you say he knocked it badly but don't mention if you get any post noises when you turn it on. If you do have you checked out the hard drive.

  23790954 11:33 12 Jul 08

Thanks for that greenlamp. When switched on there is no signals/data shows up on monitor, not even post data etc.

  Quiller. 11:53 12 Jul 08

What is the make and model of the motherboard?

Let us double check.

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