DP 7 18:13 07 Sep 05

We have a desktop PC downstairs running broadband through a USB modem. Please advise how we can wirelessly connect a second desktop to share the broadband signal to an upstairs PC.

In addition we want to connect a PS2 to the desktop upstairs, enabling us to play online gaming using the PC monitor as opposed to a TV.
What do we need to do this?



  woodchip 18:16 07 Sep 05

You need a Wireless Router. If the Laptop as WiFi then you are OK if not this is what I got and use, with a Free latop Wireless card. click here

  palinka 18:55 07 Sep 05

As Woodchip says; use the router in place of your existing BB modem. Stick the card into the slot on the side of the laptop. I expect there will be a disk to configure the new set-up (there was with my router, etc.0

  palinka 18:58 07 Sep 05

OOps, Woodchip - we've both mised the fact that DP7 wants to connect 2 desktops. Basically the same process, but I can't recall which bit of kit you need for the 2nd desktop. Someone else will point you in the right direction.

  woodchip 18:59 07 Sep 05

Just a thought if you are on Cable, I think you just need a Cable Router. The one I gave is for a Phone line BB

  palinka 19:06 07 Sep 05

OK. YOU need as router as Woodchip mentioned and 2 PCI adapters - one goes in each PC. But you don't want the PCIA card (as used in a laptop)so you shouldn't buy the exact package that woodchip referred to. someone will no doubt provide a link to a package for 2 desktops.
It's an easy job to deal with once you've bought the kit.

  woodchip 19:11 07 Sep 05

And if on two floors you need at least one Computer to connect by means of Ethernet Cable to setup the Router, so if you do not have Ethernet port on computer you will need a card, you will also need a wireless card if it's a Desktop, If a Laptop the free card with the above router is wireless

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