Tech Guys refusing to repair accidental damage.

  kelscot1 21:07 12 Oct 10

Please help!!
My son tipped a cup off coffee off the table on to my laptop. I've had accidental damage cover through tech Gys. I bought my laptop in Nov 2007 and took out this PC protection cover there and then for £9 a month (I was told that I didnt have the option to think about it I either took it out then or I didnt).
Last week this happend - I called them, they were very helpful and said they would collect the laptop the next day and they did. A week after collection I called them for an update and they said that they've returned the laptop to me un-repaired because the damage was negligent. I am SO stressed. I feel Ive been totally taken advatage of. I took out the cover thinking that if anything happend I would be covered and now that it has happend and I have a genuine accident they are refusing to cover the damage. I'm so annoyed. I voiced my complaint over the phone to them but they told me I had to put it in writting and that they cant acceppt complaints by telephone. Im not very good at letter writting and dont know where to start!!! Can someone help?? Also they said that if I had any further evidence could I please supply it...?? Of course I havent!! A hot drink tipped on my laptop - I didn't stand and take photos!!
It's times like these I wonder why we bother with insurance!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!

  pk46 21:20 12 Oct 10

Have to ask did you read the VERY SMALL print i can't myself for what it's worth see a policy covering water injest on a laptop as you couldn't repair it and
would require replacemet and your laptop is 3 years old.

  kelscot1 21:25 12 Oct 10

I have never received any policy details. I only had a leaflet giving the basic details of the cover on the day I bought it. The sales person explained to me what it covered. Accidental damage is covered... incuding water damage. However, the insurers are saying that I was negligen. But accidents do happen!!! Thats why I bought the cover in the first place.

  Woolwell 22:00 12 Oct 10

These are probably the terms and conditions click here. See the bit about neglect, etc.

This does seem unfortunate. What does your household contents insurance cover as this may be the best route for you?

  johnnyrocker 22:06 12 Oct 10

sounds like a job for trading standards?


  Woolwell 22:22 12 Oct 10

Consumer Direct are more likely to be able to offer advice click here rather than Trading Standards.

  Ashrich 22:55 12 Oct 10

If you spilt stuff over the laptop yourself , that may be viewed as negligence , but done by a third party ( your son ) that is an accident as you had no control over the action . If that happened in a cafe and someone else spilt a drink on it ( a third party ) that surely would be an accident , so why not your son ?


  BRYNIT 23:02 12 Oct 10

If the cover you have taken out is the one in the link supplied by Woolwell it should be covered. Reading carefully through the WHAT EVER HAPPENS: it states that the laptop is covered for any Mishap.

Definitions of mishap include accident, calamity, misfortune, catastrophe.

Spilling a cup of Tea/Coffee on a laptop would in my opinion come under this categories and would not be classed as neglect.

You could either contact Consumer direct or if you want to talk to someone in person trading standard. The more information you can supply ie receipt + information on the cover you are paying for the easier it is for then to help you.

  pk46 11:05 13 Oct 10

Interesting to see how this will progress,they take your money but say no when an accident like this,tricky one.

  morddwyd 19:57 13 Oct 10

Accidental damage is accidental damage, however caused.

Neglect would be leaving your laptop out in the rain all night, or giving it to a toddler to play with.

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