Teaching myself - any book reconmendations?

  Samuel1988 26 Sep 13


I joined this forum as I wish to learn more about computers so I can get the most of mine, repair it etc etc.

I would use youtube but ironically something computer related means my computer (well laptop) is soo slow and the 'shockwave player' thingy crashes lol

I know the basic basics of computers, as to say I have had to use them through school and at uni (so I am not the older generation type - no offence intended), but I don't know how to do, for example, advanced excel, increasing the computer speed and various DIY repairs etc.

So I was wondering if anyone could reconmend any books which assume a little bit of computer knowledge (as to say half of it isn't dedicated to turning it on and off!) and one where I can teach myself and learn how I can get the most from my laptop.

Thank you for your time,


  hastelloy 26 Sep 13

I've always found CIA produce excellent materials - no, not the American secret one!

  wee eddie 26 Sep 13

I do not wish to rain on your parade.

However, do not expect to earn a lot of money as a Computer Technician/Repairer/Network Manager, because of a massive oversupply, too many many people trained to do the job, they are not exactly well paid.

I think that they probably make rather less than Qualified Plumbers!

  wee eddie 26 Sep 13

Sorry, I misread you posting and thought that you were going to try and make some money from your newly gained knowledge.

Many Apologies.

By definition, all books are out of date by the time they are published,

However, newly published Magazine Articles will always be more up to date

  Forum Editor 28 Sep 13

My experience over many years of working with computers, is that you are far more likely to assimilate knowledge by adopting a hands-on approach, rather than by reading books.

Sites like ours can provide you with most of the information you need via the 'How to' articles (we have over 2000 free tutorials online), and in our forum sections.

  woodchip 28 Sep 13

I used both Methods and it worked for me, I do not condemn either way as info can be gathered from both

This could be a starting point as you need to brows the site

click here


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