TCP/IP Connection Issues

  HeckDawg 19:09 26 Dec 06

I am have been trying to fix my PC Desktop's TCP/IP Connection problems and I am unsure on where to go next.

Yesterday afternoon, my PC Desktop stopped responding to the internet. I believe this may have been due to a corruption of the TCP/IP settings. I am still able to access the intener via my laptop's wireless connection. This alone lets me know that my DSL modem connection is working okay.

This morning I reformatted my hard drive since I was planning on doing so anyway. After re-installing Windows XP, I am still unable to access the inernet through my desktop. I installed my ethernet drivers (and yes my ethernet cable is connected). Any suggestions or something I am missing in the setup?

Thanks! :o)

  James. 19:15 26 Dec 06

click here may help

Does the computer recognise that the cable is plugged in? It should say 'local area connection in now connected' or perhaps 'limited or no conectivity'.

Have you got another ethernet cable to try incase one of the wires inside it has become loose?

  HeckDawg 19:26 26 Dec 06

James- I am trying the program now. I will post the results.

D@ve- I did try another ethernet cable that I know works this morning and I received the same results. The only connection I have listed under "LAN or High Speed Internet" is a "1394 Connection/1394 Net Adapter" which is listed as connected and enabled. I am thinking I have to re-install something here but it escapes my memory on what.

  HeckDawg 19:37 26 Dec 06

The XP TCP/IP repair program did not do the trick. Although I will save the program because it may come in handy in the future.

  HeckDawg 19:53 26 Dec 06

I reinstalled some drivers. Now I ahve the "Local Area Connection" listed as up and connected.... but I am still unable to access the internet.

"The only connection I have listed under "LAN or High Speed Internet" is a "1394 Connection/1394 Net Adapter"

This is your problem. The 1394 connection is referring to your firewire socket, not your ethernet port. It appears that your network card is not being recognised properly. You say that you have reinstalled the drivers but are you certain they are the correct ones? Have a look in device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks listed against components, particularly under network adapters.

Also if it's a PCI network card, open the case and make sure that it is seated properly in the socket and has not come loose. If it is an onboard one, check in the BIOS that it has not been disabled.

I hadn't refreshed the page since you wrote your last post so ignore my previous one.

  rdave13 20:16 26 Dec 06

Try right clicking on your connection icon in system tray (notification area) and click on repair.

  HeckDawg 21:36 26 Dec 06

I was able to fix the problem by installing a different copy of the drivers. Thanks all! :o)

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