Taskbar past items

  MuDelta 22 May 11

How do I reactivate past items on my taskbar?

  lotvic 23 May 11

Please can you be more specific in what you mean.

Do you mean:

Quick Launch shortcut icon

Minimized open programs

Hidden inactive icons (icons that you have not clicked recently)

or icons at the left in system tray near the clock

In the meantime you may find some info in these results Google

  MuDelta 23 May 11

I ma talking about icons at the left in system tray near the clock. Sorry I wasn't clearer. I hope the following helps. I am running XP Sp3.

In task bar and start menu properties under Past Items in the Customise Notifications window I mark some Past Items as Always Show but they don't show. I have done some googling and looked at some of the items you suggest with no result. Any ideas?

  lotvic 23 May 11

If marked as Always Show it will show next time you open the program associated with it and then icon will stay in the System Tray after you have closed the program. Which means you can rightclick on it to choose start up the program again instead of going through 'Start' > 'All Programs'

In each program there is also an option to choose to 'Show in system tray/notification area'

I prefer to Hide inactive icons as then they only show in system tray (notification area) when that program is open and active - Just my preference of course.

  MuDelta 24 May 11

Thank lotvic that did it.


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