Taskbar Clock

  peter4076 10:25 09 Jan 05

Every day for the past 4 days I have had to reset the date and time of my clock, and for the rest of the day all is well, close down at night all is well, reboot in the A.M. and woila clock and date is wrong, is this a cmos problem or the lithium battery ( battery about 3 years old ), your thoughts on this annoying problem will be gratefully received.

  Graham ® 10:27 09 Jan 05

Yes, it is probably the battery.

  A3 12:37 09 Jan 05

What sort of machine do you have? I have a Mesh, which is 3 yrs old, and it did not have a replaceable battery. When it had a similar problem to yours it needed a new motherboard - luckily Mesh were prepared to replace it under warranty. I paid £15 extra and got an upgrade together with a new (faster) processor. Apparantly, the clock going haywire was a clue to further, more complicated, problems between the hard-drive and the motherboard.

  peter4076 17:44 09 Jan 05

Thankyou so far for the input, I hope it is only battery, in response to A3 I built it about 3 years ago 1800 AMD Elite K7 mobo + WinXP SP2 and never had a hiccup, turned it off lunch time for an hour or so, then rebooted, clock minute was correct but the hours was completely to pot, so restarted went into cmos and corrected it there, if that doesn't hold it, then tomorrow will have to move everything to get at casing and mobo to replace with a fresh lithium battery

  A3 18:08 11 Jan 05

Has the battery change worked?

  peter4076 09:10 12 Jan 05

Strange A3 Cmos setting was abit of a mish mash, so replaced battery while I was at it, well £2.00 for a battery every 3 years is not bad considering my computer is on 16hrs a day 7 days a week, anyway it seems to be holding, obliged by your concern, will tick resolved and keep fingers crossed..................I love computers.

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