podlod 16:36 24 Sep 08

Hi, just a small prob i`m sure, I have 7 icons in my taskbar but they will not hide when inactive. I have tried right click on taskbar, unlock, properties, and hide them there, but they will still not hide, and I did have a small arrow to the left of the icons but it has disappeared, any help please?

  sinbads 16:42 24 Sep 08

Right click on the task bar/properties/notification area and tick the box

  podlod 13:31 25 Sep 08

Hi Sinbad, as I said previous I have already carried out that function but nothing happened?

  baldydave 13:36 25 Sep 08


  rawprawn 13:40 25 Sep 08

Unless I have misunderstood.
Hide when Inactive, applies only to the System Tray.I can only assume that you mean Quick Launch icons. They can not be hidden, just delete the if you don't want them on the Taskbar.

  rawprawn 13:44 25 Sep 08

sinbads Is right if you do mean the System Tray

  podlod 13:51 25 Sep 08

oh I understand now, it now seems to work ok after explanation, thanks again.

  johnlaws 07:03 18 Dec 08

Vista Home Premium. I know how to 'hide' icons, and I successfully hide the two subject icons. However, every time I re-boot, with the task bar locked, there they are again! This is driving me mad! Help!

  tullie 07:25 18 Dec 08

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